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Retisoft lab automation network is built based on trust, quality work and expertise.

Over the last 20 years, Retisoft has partnered with laboratories within the drug discovery, healthcare, educational, agricultural and biotechnology industries.... By combining our lab automation software, Genera, with robotics, we specialize in creating integrated automation solutions that adapt to the specific needs of every laboratory. Automationships, our word that combines automation and partnership describes our network of partners and service providers. These automationships are carefully selected in the areas of lab automation, service and consulting, and technology. Each automationship is based on trust, quality work and expertise. We have strategically partnered with these leading lab automation companies to bring our solutions worldwide. Currently, we have deployed lab automation systems using Genera in North America, Europe and Asia. At Retisoft we recognize that the smart way to automate is to use a flexible integrated automation platform that meets your needs today and can also change to accommodate future needs. In 2019, we released the latest version of our dynamic scheduler, Genera 6. Our customers report being highly satisfied with the improvements and features available in Genera 6. The global pandemic in 2020 brought changes to lab automation companies, including Retisoft. Virtual Genera 6 software training took on a more prevalent role as our team successfully deployed and supported lab automation systems for COVID-19 testing and research. These integrated automated platforms were successful due to open communication and transparency in our processes. We are continuing to build our portfolio of products and services to support the laboratory automation systems of everyone we have the privilege to work with. The drivers of these new products and services are customer feedback and industry trends. At Retisoft, we are always open to suggestions on how we can add value to the products and services that your organization needs. Stay tuned for what is coming this year!

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  • Perform Complex Tasks
  • Free Up Staff
  • Decrease Cycle Time
Maximize Throughput

Enable new possibilities and maximize your throughput. Take your experiment from sample input to data analysis with laboratory automation systems.

Time Decision

Researchers can create custom features for run time decision. Customize your processes and take full advantage of your lab equipment.


Genera is designed to control laboratory hardware from any vendor. Its open software architecture allows easy customization to fine-tune the workflow and take full advantage of the lab equipment.


Genera will transform your automation experience.

Genera lab automation software for laboratories features an intuitive user interface. Our flexible scheduler and workspace viewer will revolutionize how you automate.

Retisoft Leadership

The impact of the research performed in each of the labs where we earn the privilege of delivering our products, is the inspiration that fuels us.

Elizabeth Rodziewicz

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